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"but since when is forum etiquette so harsh that the discussion must be limited to very tight parameters or the dissenting, or simply thread-expanding, poster is attacked? ) "

Ed, lets just stop. If you take the time to read this entire thread, you'll see exactly what happened. I'm not the only member that pointed it out. I just happen to have started the thread.

I think we can agree the "universe" is extremely complex and probably has "laws" that it operates by. There may be many ways to use these laws. Like LOA or PMA. No one knows for sure. Language is imperfect and ultimately just points us in a general direction. We have to jump and experience it. When disease strikes is it LOA? I think it's possible. Even a child. Why? Because I think we are ultimately bigger then our individual consciousness. Perhaps we are connected. Which means we can only manipulate some of the LOA. Like Crossfit, many people try LOA and see results. Can they go into a lad and prove them? No. We do know our brains send out a frequency. Where does it go? Why do we send a signal? Who or what receives it? Why do we currently only use a fraction of our brain? I think we are only scratching the surface of LOA. The future may provide us with more answers about war, murder, etc. I suspect we are stuck in a collective consciousness. That's why some monks will spend their life meditating in a cave. They believe they are influencing "our" LOA. What do you think? and I'm sorry for being a jerk. I just think this stuff is important and I was anticipating a much different experience here. Lets make sure we try to stick close to "The Secret" or we will be off to Mars quickly.
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