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My Back Is a Giant Adhesion

My back is a mess. I have adhesions everywhere. My traps, levators, rhomboids, and erectors are just injuries waiting to happen. If I do a back + hip extension on the GHD or just hang from the pull-up bar, it feels like my erectors are going to seize up. Last week I picked up my kayak with one arm, and something between my shoulder blades went. I couldn't breathe deeply for two days. However, after two massages and a couple of days I felt back to normal, and set a new PR (by 20lbs @ 225) on my jerk.

I drink about 2.5L of water a day, do lacrosse ball work on every trigger point I can find (including anterior thoracic work), do this (wfs), get IASTM, and go to a good chiro. Admittedly I don't get IASTM or go to the chiro as much as I should, but I cannot afford it.

Has anyone had any experience SOLVING this? I don't know what to do. I wake up stiff every morning. I'm looking long term here (I'm only 27), and it doesn't look like this is sustainable.
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