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denzil Bentley
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Hi Michael,

I used to hook up with a bunch of trainers every Sunday for what we used to call the Red meat workout. It came out of the Royal Marine NOD Circuit but we 'tweaked' it a bit:

3 mile Run Target 20 mins (100 pts, -+ 5pts every 15 seconds under or over 20 mins)*

Straight into part 2. Each exercise is done for 1 minute with equal recovery.

Chins 1 minute*
Free Squat 1 minute
Pushups 1 minute
Sit ups or Crunches 2 minutes
Box Jumps or bum jumps 1 minute
Bench Press (60kg, 40kg, 20kg your choice) 1 minute
Clean and Jerks (60kg, 40kg, 20kg) 1 minute
Lateral Jumps over mini hurdle 1 minute
Lunge jumps 1 minute
Shoulder press (dbells or barbell you choose weight) 1 minute
Bicep Curls (dbells or barbell you choose weight) 1 minute
Dips 1 minute

We found you can compete against your previous weight, technique or reps on each exercise or on the overall score.

On the reps we marked everything
1 rep= 1point except Chins 1 rep =5 pts; Dips 1 rep=3pts; Box jumps 1 rep=3pts

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