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Re: Why do people hate Crossfit?

the fact that they self glossed "elite" and "fittest on earth" might have a little to do with it. the way that they have treated many well respected people, experts, coaches, etc also has something to do with it. and the fact that they speak ill of other training methods doesn't help. when they don't explain or describe what the template is or how it is developed or programmed it is frustrating. And when they promised to be evidence based and adjust what they did based on what works and then when people suggested and proved that certain things worked and they were aggresive with rejecting change and speaking bad about anyone that even dared ask such questions that kinda sealed the deal. there are many good things about crossfit. it has done much for the fitness world. and it can be a great way to train. but it isn't without it's problems, mistakes, etc...
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