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Re: Base workout program

Originally Posted by Adam E Lewis View Post
My famiy and I have been doing crossfit since about Oct with great results. However at this stage in the program I find that I would like to kick things up a bit. I'm considering a home program of pushups, squats, situps, pull ups, and jump rope.

I would like to work up to 100 for each and 20 pull ups for time. Any suggestions on this route?
i suggest if you are not already at a point that doing 100 of each and 20 pullups is easy, then you probably aren't at a point where you need to "kick it up" since that is much easier than many of the WOD as RX. keep working hard doing the WODs and get serious about diet.

what are your strength levels?

what are you goals?

what is you diet?

if you want to add this as extra work a few times a week, then fine, but please don't substitute this for the WOD
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