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Re: Trainers compensation

Not to sound like a sales pitch, but if you guys see it taking 3-5 YEARS to get to making 3-5k per month, you need to start reading the CFLA Biz Blog and checking out the CFLA Biz materials that are out there.

CFLA has about 260-270 active students and about 12 private clients. We have 4 full-time instructors and a couple part-time. We recently expanded from a 1200 square foot gym, to a 4000 square foot free standing building. I'm not going to give out my own salary numbers, but suffice to say I make more now than I did working in the film and TV business as a full-time editor.

It is completely possible to make a great living at CrossFit and it does not require loading up on private clients. It requires a good business model!
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