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Minor Shoulder Issue

I've been having a minor issue in my right (dominant) shoulder.

I have a painfree, full range of motion with some minor popping.. However, during the day, or when my arm is in extreme positions, I feel a sharp pain. The pain is around the supraspinatus area, around the upper shoulder blade, but I don't know if it is in fact the supraspinatus. Also, when I wake up or sit for long periods of time, there is a large amount of soreness and stiffness in my shoulder. It's aggravated a little by all pressing exercises, and is more stiff the mornings after press workouts.

It's been over a weak, and hasn't gotten noticeably better or worse. The pain first occurred after a bench press workout. I press over 2/3 of my bench and can do 8 chin-ups, so it's not simply a case of 'too much bench'. I also double checked, and I definitely am tucking my shoulders and using the best bench technique I can.

It's a minor issue right now, and it's not really affecting my ability to do workouts, but it feels unstable and I don't want it to get worse to the point where it requires surgery.

I would appreciate any thoughts and advice. I've already taken a few NSAIDS and done the common sense things like massage, and while they provide a little relief it hasn't really helped.

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