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Weighed in today, still at 193lbs - paying the price for my digressions this week! Took some measurements to see how the body composition is coming.

15th April - 199.4lbs
22nd April - 196.8lbs (-2.6lbs)
5th May - 194.6 (-2.2lbs/-4.8lbs)
12th May - 193lbs (-1.6lbs/-6.4lbs)
19th May - 193lbs (0/-6.4lbs)

Waist: 38" (-0.5"/-2.25")
Left Arm: 16.5" (0/-.25")
Right Arm: 16.5" (+1/8"/0)
F. Arms: 12.5" (0/0)
Thighs: 27.25" (0/+.25")
Calves: 17.5" (0/0)

In a month I;ve lost 6.3lbs, 2.25" off my waist and arms/thigh measurements have remianed fairly constant so the weight being lost is the right kind of weight. I have just under a month to my holidays and I'm aiming to knock the same amount off in that time.

In terms of diet, I feel comfortable eating as I have been and I have lost fat so will keep the same, although from the end of next week, I will be introducing fish into my diet (get paid next friday, fish is expensive round here!) Will try to cut back on breads and starchy veg, and replace with green veggies and small amt of brown rice.

Feeling good and sore from yesterdays workout.

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