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The bad diet continued today with a free breakfast laid on by the boss.

Decided to do a WOD that I loved/hated in equal measure last time round, the WOD dedicated to SFC Daniel Crabtree. My frst attempt landed a time of 31:54, and a few weeks later did a 27:55. I thought this would give me a good indication of where I am.

Hamemrstrength Bench
1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 90kg
3x5 @ 110kg (242lbs)

Unassisted Chins

50 lvl 4 assisted chins
400m run
45kg Thrusters x 21
800m run
45kg Thrusters x 21
400m run
50 lvl 4 assited chins
Time: 29:50

Bench - forgot I was going to 112.5kg this week - will remember last week, all reps felt solid.
Chins - wasn't sure if I was going to do the Daniel workout as gym was crowded so started doing some chins but then I realised it had quietened down so went for it.
Daniel - timewise it wasn't too bad, relative to my previous attempts, but nowhere near where i want to be. Quite pelased though because I was going to give up halfway through the 800m run but I perservered by telling mysekf I would use this as an early marker to destroy next time round. I walked nearly half of the 800m.
Got a great sweat on though and really felt this so a great way to finish the week.

day: sausage and bacon sandwich anda cream donut.
evening: 2 potato waffles, 1 chicken breast.

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