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Mark Williams
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aching everywhere today!

My deadlift 5x5 went badly - I seem to suffer from a patetic grip for this and my finger skin isn;t callusing as I hoped, the limiting factor is always the pain in my skin.
1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 100kg
1x4 @ 120kg
1x3 @ 100kg then gave up because hands too sore. May have to succumb and buy some gloves.

Did Barbara
20 pull-ups (unassisted woo woo!)
30 press-ups
40 sit-ups
50 squats
5 rounds for time: 30:48

Deadlifts already covered.
Pretty much every muscle feels fried now but the time is rubbish - mainly because of the chins - I did a surprsing (to me) amount of chins in 1 go on each of the rounds (last round even managed 5 in a row!) but quickly droped to triples and singles. Rest was good, particularly press-us which were easy. Looking forward to obliteratin this time.

day: 1 square of chocolate (never really felt hungry today, bit of chocolate from a mate)
evening: 1.1lbs lean steak, 4 potato waffles.

Squash has been cacelled tomorrow as opponent is ill, will nip to the gym and do some squats before heading off for light practise (this week will prob just be a run through of the video so more or lessa rest day tomrorow!)
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