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Tied 6-6 with the joint league favourites and we haven't had a winning season in years apparently! Was a moral victory - on a personal note I got more carries and was in on more plays than last 2 games so got a good workout in too. Fitness was fine.

Todays WOD looked like a beast and it was - especially because I have no rings and probably couldn't do a muscle-up without the help of a trampoline anyway!

WOD 070514
15-12-9 Hang Power Cleans @ 60kg (132lbs)
45-36-27 Assisted chins (palms-to) lvl 4
45-36-27 Dips

Time: 28:54

Scaled the weight down as pretty stiff and sore from yesterday - most of the explosion has gone for the time being!
Hang Cleans - First set felt fine, divided into 2 sets, the rest being done in triples, last couple of reps as doubles. Grip was giving out towards the end.
Chins - felt like hitting my biceps hard so did palms-to, quite a narrow grip. Hard work but all reps were full rom.
Dips - quite pleased with this, triceps were sore from yesterday but 1st set managed to squeeze 15 out before pausing, 2nd set got to 12 and 3rd set got to 12.

day: 2 x apples
post-w.out: 450g extra lean mince, 150g refried beans, 4 tortillas, 2 potato waffles.

Had a major hunger on by the time I finsihed my workout and shouldn't have eaten so much but man it was good!!

Have had little look through the archives and will do some deadlift 5x5 and then have a crack at Barbara tomorrow evening.
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