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Ron L'Huillier
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Good Day,
About 10 years ago I had surgery to get rid of an impingment in my left shoulder. Aferwards the doctor told me to NEVER bench again. He said the cartilage and worn from around the joint and there was some wearing on the bone. I have heard of others that have been able to bench again after a surgery like this most noticeably my firend John who currently benches 606 lbs. He mentioned one doctor told him he'd never bench over 300 lbs, but he visited anothter doctor who prescribed some sort of osteoporosis medicine usually given to women and this along with some joint stablization excercises allowed him to lift.
I'd like to bench again and wonder if anybody has any experience with this issue.

Second (sorry about the length of this post) 20 years ago a doctor told me never to deadlift again. At that time he said I have degenerative disk disease which I do not doubt. However after having not deadlifting for nearly 20 years my back just became a mess. Even sneezing became quite and ordeal. I recalled that when I began deadlifting in my youth it seemed to alleviate my back pain. Sure enough since deadlifting again for the past three weeks my back now feels better that it has for 20 years. Does anybody have any experience with this. I wonder of deadlifting can help DDS.

Finally (again.... sorry) does anybody have any experience using creatine? My bench press buddy says he feels that this has helped his shoulder problem. I am skeptical, but after seeing him bench over 600 lbs at the recent WABDL Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships he makes a strong point.

Thank you kindly,
Ron L.
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