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Re: Avoiding shoulder injuries, and fixing them - What's the best course of action?

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
In your first post you said...

Which, when combined with these pictures suggests most likely some sort of tendonitis with the supraspinatus (as it is in that area and the most often injured RC muscle) and when you overhead press the swelling there probably helps impinge the tendon against the acromion. (Reading back through the other thread I think this is the case as well).

Pic 3 shows poor thoracic mobility (rounded back) coupled the rounded/hunched shoulders. In addition, pic #1 you can see your scapulae are slightly protracted at rest rather than fully retracted. The thoracic mobility and rounded shoulders contribute to a lack in overhead mobility of the shoulder joint which, when exacerbate with swelling, will probably impinge the tendon against the acromion.

Treatment for that is generally massage to try to get blood flowing to the area and push the swelling away as well as ice after very light exercises (non-painful exercise). Some anti-inflammatories directly to the site.. although I don't know if you can get any. Also, work with the scapular retractors (aka rhomboids) like rows to help fix up your posture which is probably the most important part to keep it from happening again.

If you saw the youtube video in this thread like 5 posts earlier I would suggest doing that as your shoulder rehab work except eliminate any of the exercises that would hurt your shoulder. Ice after. Self massage or get someone to do it for you. Again, as much as you want to work out you can.. but don't do anything to aggravate it.
Ok thanks a lot for your post I really appreciate it. Now I just want to make sure I'll do the right course of action. What's written in bold is what I need most help with.

First of all, I can keep working out as long as I don't feel any pain. So I'll keep doing all the WODs, and stop it immediately if I feel the slightest pain (however for now I will probably skip most shoulder working WODs, or go very light, since working lightly doesn't hurt). Example today is the Filthy Fifty, I will probably do all of it, except scale down the burpees and the press movements, which last time caused me pain.

Second, I will do RC strengthening exercises that are showed on the youtube video (that do not hurt) and others that were prescribed to me on my Crossfit journal. However, how often should I do these, and when? Every day before I do my WOD? Every other day? 2-3 times a day? Any recommended amount of sets / reps? (obviously it's going to be very light weight)

Third, after every workout, I will ice/heat my shoulders (my dad was told by a physiotherapist to do a mix of ice/heat to prevent and help heal swelling, so I will do that).

Fourth, I must fix my posture. However, this is the part where I still need help. I know I need to work on my Rhomboids, but I do not know exactly what to do. What exercises other than Rows, how often, how many sets, light weight or heavy weight, etc?

Once again, thanks a lot.

And to Ian, surgery is free for me Quebec might have a lousy health system, but at least it's free of charge. Thanks for your input by the way.
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