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Re: I have failed at getting ripped for 5 years..please help!

This is all really good information, thank you all very much. Yes, it's hard to believe but even on my non diet seasons I would eat one big meal in the evening and snack in the morning for a total of 1500 calories on average.

My goal is to be at 8% body fat with my current level of muscle (perhaps slightly more).

My current size is due to the recent carbohydrate weekend binges I've been doing for the anabolic diet, plus a lot of cheating to try and "reset" my slow metabolism.

Now that I'm around 2000 calories a day, I'm wondering if I should float around 2000-2500 just to see what happens. I have never ate this much everyday since high school!

As far as Post Work Out Carbs, I'm not planning on doing them after a Crossfit session but rather heavy lifting sessions.

I swear, if I eat more and I end up losing fat & gaining muscle, I'm going to cry and laugh simultaneously.
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