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Re: What Do You Eat First Thing In AM?

Especially if I'm cutting weight, I don't eat a ton first thing in the morning. But I will have some protein, fats, and often green or black tea.

Lately, my preferred fast morning thing that accomplishes this is little meat and egg muffin things. I've got silicone baking cups intended for making cupcakes. I will fill them maybe 1/3 with cooked ground beef, chopped cooked onion, and spinach, then fill the rest with beaten egg. Bake at 350 for around 20 minutes and you've got tasty little breakfast things. I'll cook 12-18 of them on sunday, and have 2-3 each weekday morning with some hot sauce. For the size cups I have they are about 100 kcal each, with ~7 grams fat and ~7 grams protein. Alternatively, you could use bacon, ham, or whatever as the meat.

A half lb of ground beef and like 18 eggs will make 15-18 of these things.
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