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Re: sensation of water in my ear

Originally Posted by Matt Heriot View Post
I had a issue where I could not hear out of one of my ears but could not figure out what it was. Turned out it was a buildup of wax/crud at my inner ear that had softened (from swimming) and moved over my eardrum. I used a Murine ear wax removal kit and problem was solved. Could not believe the stuff that was getting flushed outta there.

Not saying this is what you have but can hurt to try.
this is a likely cause (called a "wax impaction")... it's happened to me a half-dozen times and it feels almost exactly how you describe. Tends to happen out of nowhere.

Murine works for some, but hasn't for me. My best luck has come from hydrogen peroxide... lay on your side, drip it in till it's full and let it fizz in there for 10 minutes. afterwards you'll probably be able to pull out a crap-ton of now-soft earwax with Q-tips (obviously with gentleness and great patience as not to do any permanent damage). It usually takes me 3-4 days of doing this a couple times a day before it finally clears, but if you let it clear naturally it can take weeks.
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