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Re: Plateauing....

We need more info:

and current lifts

Eating small amounts of protein will make you weaker. I'm going to guess already you are too lite based on the running and lack of strength.

Every time I hear a guy say they eat 2300 calories maybe, I wonder how they get out of bed in the morning. Doing CrossFit, lifting heavy I need like 4300 a day minimum or I start to loose weight. I have to force myself to eat. Only high body fat new people can lose weight and gain strength at the same time.

For people like you I like Zone to insure you eat enough. Keeps the eating clean and forces you to eat enough or at least know you didn't. Forget the never eat more then 5 blocks at once. Set yourself up at 5 x 6 block meal plan a day for a couple of weeks. Do strict barbell training; squat, bench, press, dead lift and power cleans. Get enough sleep. Easy on the running. I expect you will start to reverse the strength lose.
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