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Re: Interview with the future UFC MW champ

Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
I don't think so. Don't remember where I heard it, but I thought Silva's camp said something about not being interested in moving up to go for the LHW title.

Seems like a good move on his part, since the boys at that weight have the potential to do some serious damage. Staying in a class that he can dominate extends his career length, or at least thats what the thought process is?
The only thing about that is that I think we all know that at some point it won't exactly be Anderson's decision. If he keeps wiping out the competition it really gives little interest to his fights and thus poor box office draw and Dana will not have that. Now maybe he convinces some LHW to go down to middle weight but ...? GSP as an example, knows he needs to move up soon after Shields (assuming he win's) because now we're in fight recycle mode with Jon Fitch maybe the next in line? Or if BJ Penn beats Fitch then BJ/GSP 3??? I don't think so. Business/comp dictates weight class jumps/drops.
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