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Re: We need a water/swim obstacle in a CF competition. Why?

Skiing and climbing are both skills that take A LOT of time and practice. Learning how to swim(or at least float and propel yourself) can be done in day.

I know a few people that can't and won't swim. I actually spent the day at hte beach with one when I was younger and I offered to teach him, but he said no because he was afraid. I can't speak for every non-swimmer, but I think most feel the same way. I think overcoming one's fears, especially childhood fears, is by far the best way to boost self-confidence, and can open up a world of possibilities. I realize there are people that just dont like water at all. But I think fear of the unknown is the driving factor in their avoidance. Unless you live in the desert, you live near water, and being confident in that environment can improve your quality of life, in my opinion.

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