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Re: Protein powder recommendations

After the dust up with Rip, I don't have a whole lot of respect for Lyle.
Yeah, I'll go ahead and say that I think Lyle is a huge *******. But, he generally knows what he's talking about. He also thinks he's a little smarter than he really is, and gets overly semantic at times.

Do you mean only a few "looked" like they were in good shape? As in, from a bodybuilding perspective?

Where are you getting the 8% figure for max performance from? I've seen in a few places (probably Robb Wolf, can't remember the others) that somewhere in the 10-12% bodyfat range tends to be the best for performance. I know when I was ~8% at 180lbs I was weak, and not any faster on metcons than I am now at 200lbs and ~12-14%. Obviously that's an n=1 so it's not a rule for CFers as a whole, but I'd imagine it's not too far off.
Well, at 200/13% you have 174lbs of muscle vs. 166. So the extra 8lbs of muscle is probably helping you quite a lot. As a general rule, the higher your muscle mass, the stronger you'll be. And the lower your weight, the better you'll be at bodyweight stuff. So, the idea is to be as heavy as you can at a really low bodyfat percentage. Below a certain level and you start having joint problems and some other stuff. 4% is unsustainable, and anything under 8% is suspect (it basically takes time to get used to that low of body fat). But most people perform ideally at 6-8%.

Anyway the bottom line is that (a) the top athletes would benefit from being leaner and/or having a bit more muscle, and (b) most people would say they'd look better being around 200lbs (depending on height) and 6-8% fat. The fact that even a fair amount of the top athletes are not >180 and <9%, and that a lot of them follow Zone/Paleo, when these are very ascertainable stats, tells me that their diet is probably not ideal for muscle growth and/or fat loss (mostly muscle growth, it's not bad for fat loss). The main thing is the lack of carbs since it's not reasonably possible to get enough carbs for a bulk from veggies. And I guess the people that bulk on Paleo + A Gallon of Whole Milk probably put on a lot more fat than if they bulked doing a more reasonable plan.
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