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Re: Knee/form question regarding pistols, front squats and back squats.

Don't do pistols. It's hard to control that because it's relatively higher strength move for most people.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Stretch out your calves thoroughly EVERYDAY. In a lot of cases, especially women with greater Q angle there is a tendency for the knee to track in as teh calves get tight because of loss of ROM, and it feels more stable.

2. SIT BACK in your squats. You are squatting with improper form. Coupled with 1 this is highly problematic because of the correlation of quad dominance and inward tracking knees in female athletes tends to give rise to the like 9 fold increase IIRC in ACL tears.

3. Work with unweighted squats, and progress to light loaded. If you can buy Starting STrength or use the resources here to learn the cues to squat correctly. Focus on form, not weight. Coming out of the hole you should be focusing on spreading the floor with your legs.

4. Stretch your quads out thoroughly, do strengthening work for your hamstrings.. glute ham raises are good. Anything of that nature. Need to get posterior chain strength up. The stronger your hammies are, the less strain is going to be placed on your ACLs if you're doing something unstable or tough.

5. Depending on how good your mobility is in your hips you may need to do specific stretches for that as well.

Sigh, I have an article in the works on a bunch of lower body dysfunctions that tend to stem from this but I don't have the time to write it currently. ANyway, this is a series problem especially if it has been going on a while so you shoudl address it immediately. Otherwise you are on the road to something devastating like an ACL tear (also, I was assuming you're a women with the name Kelly.. though there are men with the name too soooo if you're not my bad).
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