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Re: L4-5 Herniation

Hey Anthony...

About 4 weeks ago, while crushing "Diane", I herniated L4/L5 so bad that I was in the hosp for 3 days...I too started to let the form slip...happened during my last 9. I felt it coming but stupidly pushed through know that holy Form vs Intensity thing....and lets just say that from now on Form wins!!!

In any case, my recommendation to you is get yourself to a CHEK Practitioner ASAP. They are not very common so check out the CHEK Institute site for one near you. Also get a book on McKenzie back exercises (Robin KcKenzie) and start doing them as soon as your are no longer in an acute condition.

I returned to CF this week, but I still will not put my body under load. There are endless WODS you can do and not ever hit a loaded lift (PS stay away from KB swings for now).

Take this time to work on your goats and as KStar puts it..."Fix your Junk"

Hope this helps!!!

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