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Re: L4-5 Herniation

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
...yOu don't want to load your spine right now, and risk reinjuring it worse than it is. Although it can probably done safely if you drop weight so much and focus on forum, I personally don't think it's worth it. ...
Absolutely. I know people who are permanently disabled from lumbar injuries--can't sit or lay in any position so can't sleep, can't ride in a car more than a few minutes, etc. etc. Whether you can do some particular exercises for 6 months is small potatoes. Let's get some perspective here. (EDIT: Upon reading that, it sounded a little gruff--sorry, didn't mean for it to be that way. I think it's a good point, though.)

It took me a while to realize it, but the patience to WAIT, even if it's months for something to heal, IS part of training. Just not a very fun part, LOL.

To add some more perspective, I've had a shoulder injury that was about as restrictive as you describe that took out 6 months. If you look around the board, you'll see countless other injuries that take out chunks of that size.

Chill out and you'll be back doing what you want to do soon enough!

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