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Phillip Snell
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Re: Herniated Disc at L4-L5...need help!

Hey Rob,
I would echo the MacKenzie prone extension replies above in the time frame you're now in with your injury. McGill's "big 3" stabilization exercises are the way out of the box over the long run. Loss of the lordotic (reverse) curve under a load in the future, whether it's with DL at the gym, picking up your socks at home or sitting slumped in a chair will increase the likelihood of future occurrences. I put together a video based website for the benefit of my patients which explains the etiology of disc injury from a MacKenzie perspective and stabilization exercises based on Stu McGill's work. You're welcome to visit at and hopefully will find some benefit.

For some inspiration on lifting with a disc injury, check out Jerzy Gregorek's website

Hope you feel a bit better.

Phillip Snell, DC
Portland, OR
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