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Re: Please critique my Squat and Deadlift.

Originally Posted by Derek Franks View Post
Here is your set position:
Attachment 2138

Here is your pull position:
Attachment 2139

Basically you can't pull effectively from your set position which is why your hips rise to get you into the correct pull position. It's usually easier if you just make your set position the same, but as long as you pull from the correct position, you're not really doing anything wrong. I don't see anything that makes me think you're going to hurt yourself. The deadlift itself looks pretty good.

Great snapshots Derek.

Arturo - get your set position a little more straightened out (not literally) and focus on setting your back and bringing up your chest before the lift, or your back is going to round like that on all your heavy sets (notice that as soon as you come up, your back comes out and your chest goes down!). This is a bad habit that I share with you on my 1RM efforts, so I can relate. It gets worse as you get stronger if you don't nip it now. You REALLY have to focus on setting the back. I thought I was doing it correctly 'til Rip punched me in the lower back with a fist and showed me the right way. Also, work on lowering the weight. If you have SS, this is addressed pretty well in the DL section.

Also, no offense, but your squat needs a lot of work. Start looking at the vids on the ************ forums that Rip has critiqued and GET RID OF THE TOWEL immediately. All of your issues (well, maybe not the towel...don't think anyone would risk the Wrath of Rip by posting a vid with a towel...) have been addressed in these vids: http://************.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1334 WFS. To be fair, the 200 vid isn't nearly as bad as the 210 vid. Get rid of the towel, get rid of the box, don't hyperarch your back while unracking the weight, don't shake around your legs before your reps, don't look up, watch the knees tracking forward, etc. etc. Watch the vids and practice at 135, tape it, watch yourself, adjust, etc. and get back with us.

For such a skinny fella, you've got a good base of strength, and working on the form now should ensure that you start putting up some impressive numbers soon. Just work on the form and don't get greedy. Also, please put some pants on. Please.

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