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Please critique my Squat and Deadlift.

Hello folks. Today I did my CFT, and I videotaped the last two sets of both squats, and deadlifts.

Back Squat:
45x5, 95x3, 125x2, 145x5, 165x1
200x1 - Form check here: WFS
210x1 - Form check here: WFS

135x5, 185x3, 215x2
255x1 - Form check here: WFS (took shirt off to see arch in back better)
265x1 - Form check here: WFS (took shirt off to see arch in back better)

I wish I didn't delete the 235lb DL video now, but it seemed to me that I kept my back straighter in that one. However, I still rose the hips before my shoulders in that one, I think I'm starting with the hips too low?? Still, in that one my back seemed more straight.. I know these two DL videos are not the best. Is this form bad enough to be dangerous, the one shown in these 255 and 265 videos?

And the squat, I struggled on that 210, the 200 seemed better didn't it? I had never tried for a 1RM on these exercises, and it's been a while since I do them.

Any advice is welcome!!
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