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Re: Hybrid programs

Originally Posted by Roelant Bergen View Post
Hey Gant,

from what I remember, you also practice Intermittent fasting. Did you do so as well for this protocol?
Yes. I credit IF with a lot of my body comp change and general happiness throughout this program.

My PM workout log (someone linked to it) has a few more comments on IF. I generally did 3-5 15-16 hour fasts per week. I usually ate before I worked out but not always. I believe I set the burpee PR 23.5 hours into a fast.

Originally Posted by Don Reynolds View Post
Gant, what do you think of using alternating Tabatas for the metcon workouts?
Depends on the Tabata. Obviously I like them, but I didn't count them as metcon because of all the rest (and my Tabata sprints were pretty weak after the first couple rounds). For purposes of this experiment I charged through every WOD with little or no rest.

If you look at my workout template, which I'll post this afternoon, you'll see that I don't do that much metcon. There were a number of weeks where I only did 3 metcon sessions. So yeah, if you feel like you need more metcon, you could certainly work some Tabata in.
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