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Then I suppose my opposition to public libraries will come as no surprise. :-)

That said, it's a less-objectionable use of my tax money than for, say, football stadiums, hockey arenas or "wildlife panoramas" in a private business.

For the longest time, I refused to utilize the services of the public library and, for the most part, still do. Recently, however, I've taken to reading a bunch of business books, and decided that if they are going to steal my money, I will at least avail myself of the services others are getting on my/our dollar.

The one thing that really bothers me, however, is that regardless of what librarians say about censorship, there just isn't enough room to accommodate all titles....or there is an agenda.

As an example, a friend of mine wrote a novel, "A Well Regulated Militia", and wanted to donate 2 copies of it to his local library here in Arizona. Well, the head librarian took a look the title and said "we're not going to carry that type of book."

Wow. And here they go espousing the joy and wonder of "Banned Books Week". Talk about hypocrisy.

Yes, I know my going to the library makes me (somewhat?) a hypocrite, something I fully acknowledge. Were I able to NOT pay taxes for some/all city services, I would gladly stop going.

I still opine, however, that it's not the government's job to provide a "public good" beyond what might be classified as "health and safety" issues: Fire, police, and sanitation. Everything else is just largesse for the masses, IMO.

The same rule can be applied all the way up the government food chain.
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