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Re: Hand Tears

Originally Posted by Andrew J Carr View Post
Hi All,

So I've been CrossFitting for almost 5 months now and I have had a serious problem with hand tears. No matter what I seem to do (pedegg, file, cuticle trimmer, etc.) nothing seems to stop my hands from tearing. I've tried switching up my grip on the bar as well and that only causes rips in different areas. I use chalk too.

Any other suggestions? I'm one more tear away from getting gloves.
Two quick suggestions:

First, let them tear and build up in particular stop filing, shaving or trimming them down. Absolutely do not put lotions or oils on your hand. Simply leave them alone.

In WODs involving copious amounts of deads, pu, etc. I might advice lifting straps if applicable.

Second, the leading cause of tearing is typically "death gripping" the equipment you are playing with. You do not have to nor should you need to grip as hard as you can the pull-up or lifting bar. Ditto the kettle bell. The grip should be secure and firm that's about it. Most athletes that come up to me with "shredded" hands typically over grip the bar. It's not necessary.

The second major cause is over use and abuse of chalk. Excessive chalk use can dry out the hands leaving them brittle and susceptible to tears.
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