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Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

I have been Crossfitting for 13 months. I am 53 years old, and I am interested in the experiences and performance of other over 50 athletes involved with Crossfit. I try to do the main WOD daily, but often make a variety of substitutions. I am currently participating in a 100 Burpee challenge with some other folks from Crossfit Jenks in Oklahoma. Today we are doing 48 burpees. I am hopeful that other over 50's will post their daily workouts here so we can compare and encourage. I have not worked out today. Here are my workouts for the past few days:
Did CFWUx3 w/ 44 burpees (15, 15, 14)
Ran 400m
Rowed for 2 minutes

Did 30 C&J w/80lbs. in 13:47

Warmed up w/ 3x15 squats, sit-ups, push-ups, burpees
Ran 2 miles on the road in 18:37

Did CFWUx3 w/46 burpees (16, 15, 15)

Did Squat Cleans

Did Shoulder Press
3x95lbs. (5 sets)
Ran 400m
Rowed for 2 minutes

Warmed up w/15 squats, sit-ups, girl push-ups
Did 16 Burpees
Did another 15 squats, sit-ups, and regular push-ups
Did 16 Burpees and then set of 15 Burpees
Total Burpees = 47
This was a REST DAY, but I had to get in my burpees.
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