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Re: Starting on the Zone : Where to start ?

It can be confusing as all the quantities are in 'cups'

I say go with 1/2 oz dry for 1 block.

Do you have time to make breakfast in the morning? A perfect 4 block breakfast would be a 3 egg omelete with either an ounce of cheese or ham, plenty of veggies (as many as you can get in there) and then some fruit... most fruits (apples, oranges, grapefruits etc.) are 2 blocks each, so if you can get 2 blocks of veggies into the omelet or on the side, you are good (4c brocolli = 2 blocks, but you can use a variation of veggies)

if you want to do the oatmeal, 2oz dry oatmeal (about 50g or so), with a scoop of whey and a handful of almonds/spoon of nut butter. Count your almonds out if you are being strict with fat.

another quick breakfast option is cottage cheese with fruit and nuts (if you like cc) I think one block of cottage cheese is about 75g so if the tub is 1lb/454g then about 3/4 of it would be your 4 blocks of protein.

or you could make a smoothie with protein, berries, oil/nuts etc.
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