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I don't know how I managed to go all this time without doing this workout but I did it for the first time at Brand X today.

I was pretty frightend before we started. Have you had those dreams where you are naked in a room full of people laughing? Yeah. I was afraid I'd make an idiot of myself. LOL.

I counted for Andrea for the first run. She rocked it out and got a 278!!!! Wow. She knocked out 108 in the first round and while she did round two I kept telling her to try for a mininum 15 on each exercise. She did it!

Then the moment of truth came and I picked up the bar for Push Press. OH MY GAWD. I pulled off 30 of those suckers. That was a nice start.

Here's the rest:
PP: 30-26-20 45# bar
Row: 10-7-8
WB: 15-15-15 14#
SDHP: 17-15-13
Box Jump: 18-19-16 (Step up / step down, 20" box)


I repeat OH MY GAWD. The first rest I stayed standing. In between exercises I had to catch my breath before I started. In the third round when 10 seconds was called before each minute was up Andrea coaxed 5 more reps out of me for every exericise...trying to get me to 15. Exept the last round of SDHP:

10 seconds: 5 MORE LAURA! (she could see I needed more than coaxing, so she yelled at me)

*me does 3 more*

<3 SECONDS: One more, Laura!

Me: NO. *me throws bar down*



After the last set of box jumps, assumed the position. OH YEAH.

That was horrible, and awesome, and devastating and wonderful.

Damn, I love this stuff.
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