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Re: Exercise Induced Headache?

Originally Posted by Clark Petri View Post
The massage stuff will be good. I still don't get why this so rapidly became an issue. It isn't like my form suddenly went out the window or I'm abnormally tense. Hell, for the first time since I discovered Crossfit I'm on shore duty and not all tense and stressed out from ship life.

Matt: I know you mean by the dull headache. I've had one since Monday and I hope it goes away sooner rather than later. This sucks.
Honestly, if you just sleep wrong one night, these things can come on hard and fast. I found this out relatively early in my lifting experiences. I went to squat something like 275x5 and the Valsalva really, really brought on the pain. I could barely walk. Nowadays if I get one, I work on levator scap, upper trap, suboccipital muscles, proximal erector spinae, etc. I stretch my neck for 15-30s in every direction and I'm typically fine. If not, I get a heat pad on it and then massage for a bit. If that doesn't work, I get to the chiropractor and get a cervical adjustment. Has worked for me every time. Hope you can find what works for you, Clark.
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