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Re: About front squats, and power clean rack position

Originally Posted by Brent Sallee

Resetting your grip is often difficult and troublesome. If you catch the lift too low, it's not in a great position to bounce it back up and reset your grip. If you do try to bounce it, you'll often rack it higher, resulting in a no-lift. I'm not the most flexible person, but I maintain full grip throughout the clean and jerk with high elbows as well.
Originally Posted by William F. Burgess View Post
How so? is this one of the disqualifying criteria set forth by the IWF?
IWF Rule 2.2.2 states:

After the Clean and before the Jerk, the lifter may adjust the position of the barbell. This must not lead to confusion.

It does not mean the granting of an additional jerk attempt
but allowing the lifter to:
a) withdraw the thumbs or “unhook” if this method is used,
b) lower the barbell in order to let it rest on the shoulders if the barbell is placed too high and impedes the breathing or causes pain,
c) change the width of the grip.
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