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Jay, when my dad and I went camping for 4 days, We had to take two big coolers. ONE JUST FOR ME. because I was tryimg to follow paleo the whole time. I brought tons of lettuce, apples, oranges, meat, etc. I WISH I brought a bunch of walnuts and pecans, but I wasnt very educated at the time. It made the trip a little worse that I had to eat 6 times a day of only the most perfect food every time.

IMHO, this is the time of year to enjoy yourself a little. Heres what I would bring if I were you:

Pre-cooked chicken breasts(i mean cooking them all yourself and saran wrapping them)

lot of walnuts

lot of pecans (yummy)


carrots and/or other veggies

hardboiled eggs

Damn! Why did'nt I do this??



p.s> At christmas dinner, eat LOTS of turkey! good replacement for dressing, rolls, etc.
You might fall asleep at the dinner table though ;)
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