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Re: My 28 day challenge.

August 23rd:

3 eggs, bacon, celery.

Went out with a lot of family to a chinese food place. I ordered a plate of veggies and ate a ton of broccoli, chinese cabbage and whatever else. I also ate a raw carrot on the way there. I ate quite a bit of pork and a bit of chicken. Green tea. I felt REALLY full after this, but I was happy because I ate a TON of veggies.

More green tea in the afternoon.

About 8 big leafs of roman lettuce, half a yellow pepper, garlic clove, olive oil, half a small-ish avocado, and some pork ribs that were leftovers from lunch at the chinese place. Some red wine to finish off a bottle. Don't plan on drinking wine for several days now.

New plan. Starting IF now. It worked for me in the past, whenever I could stick to it for a few days... I stopped because I could never actually stick to eating paleo all the time, and I have always read one should first dial in the quality of food before playing with the timing. I think I'm doing pretty good currently, despite friday night's issues, I find myself not craving the sweets anymore. So we'll see how I do, I'll try starting "slow".
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