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what is neuroendocrine response? since i'm really new to a lot of this i have some things i've been thinking about and have a few questions:

for each of my 6 daily meals i will always eat some form of meat (usually flank steak, wild venison, fish, or chicken) and then supplement it with a pile of sauteed veggies cooked in olive oil and spices/seasonings (i.e. garlic, pepper, tabasco, cumin, etc.)

also for one the my daily meals i have been consuming a myoplex shake because for one reason or another, usually it's because i'm at work and can't cook or really even stop to eat.)

i know i'm gettin enough protein, but i'm not sure if i'm getting enough fat and carbs.

i was told that eating this much protein dosen't really do anything because your body can only process a certain amount every hour or so, so essentially the protein will be converted and stored as fat, right? so then wouldn't this fat be burned as energy if your were fat-adapted and didn't consume large amounts of carbs, or is it just wrong think of it this way and to consume this much protein?

also, i have found myself lately eating a ton of fruit, and have read that i should only be eating moderate amounts. i usually eat the fruit because i get cravings constantly, even after a rather big meal of meat and veggies. what else can i eat? since i'm at my desired bodyfat, should i stick to nuts more? if so, are there any nuts to avoid? obviously i avoid peanuts and have been eating a lot of wallnuts without any oils or salt.

all in all i have been very pleased with the results from this diet so far. eventhough i am relatively thin, i have shed fat and become leaner which is definately good. i don't get the up and down feeling i used to get since i started eating this way, which i can probably attribute to cutting out the sugar. my only complaints are not being able to keep the weight on and constantly being hungry, even after i literally stuff myself on meat and veggies.

i have been thinking about introducing bread back into the my diet as a way to get more carbs, but don't think it would be the best thing to do.

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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