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i started working out using the WOD about a month ago and switched to a paleo diet exclusively a few months ago. i have definately seen improvements in my strength and performance (used to maybe do 15 or 16 pull ups in on shot, and can now easily do 20, and fired off 22 after a climbing workout last week!)

but since i'm not doing much "heavy" lifting like i used to and i'm not eating everything in sight anymore, i am losing weight and, with the paleo diet can't seem to really keep it on, much less gain. i eat 6 meals a day with some sort of meat with each.

most people would be psyched to lose weight, but i'm 26 years old and 6'2". before i started i was at 172, and now i'm at 168, and around 7% body fat. the bodyfat thing is great, but i want to weigh around 172-175. what am i doing wrong?

also, i was wondering what the rest of you guys eat for a meal. i've been doing the paleo thing for a few months now and am getting bored with my diet. any suggestions, for meals?b also, suggestions for snacks would be great too. i'm always hungry!


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