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Re: My 28 day challenge.

August 20th:

Smoked pork chop cooked with coconut oil, celery, bacon. Little bit of black coffee. Neat breakfast.

Two plates of soup* (will describe below) with a few pieces of beef ribs, not much. Red cabbage and lettuce that was leftover from yesterday, I usually eat veggies fresh but oh well. Quite a good bit of avocado. Green tea.

1.5 apples, and they were kinda big. As if it were not enough, a little bit of mango. Should've eaten less fruits since the goal is fatloss.

Two more plates of the soup I'll describe below, with a few pieces of beef ribs in it. Tablespoon of coconut oil taken as a shot, it tastes good. Green tea.

"African something" tea I bought at a coffee shop after watching Bruno at the theaters.

Ok, the soup is something that me nor my wife cooks, but it was cooked at my folks house, which is where we ate today, and came back after work. No fat is added in cooking, the beef ribs are first done with just water and garlic to make them softer, and then thrown where the soup is being done, which is just a big thing with water and veggies, some spices, that's it. Veggies include pumpkin, carrot, celery, broccoli. As this soup is virtually fat free I made sure to eat a lot of avocado at noon, although the salad had olive oil as well... and at night that is why I had a tablespoon of coconut oil just like that. This soup makes me feel VERY full for some reason. Maybe because I usually don't drink water with meals (except tea, if I choose to drink some), but I hate feeling so full. Maybe the soup is more calorically dense than what I think? Don't know...

Notes: no wine today, no nuts/seeds either!
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