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Re: My 28 day challenge.

August 18th:

3 eggs, bacon, celery (half the usual amount), half red pepper (the thick ones). Wanted something else but had nothing, went to the supermarket today obviously. Green tea.

Cress, quite a bit, lettuce, sesame oil, olive oil, avocado, almost two pork chops, trimming most of the fat. Wife said she used about 1tbsp of both oils... I would have used a bit less sesame oil and possibly more olive oil, but oh well. Cup of red wine. Green tea.

About 1/3 cup sunflower seeds with 1tsp honey, delicious stuff.

A bit of black coffee.

4 plums!

Cucumber and tomato thrown in the blender, with just a fraction of papaya and banana (like 1oz of them both combined, or less). I shouldn't have added that as it did nothing for the flavor, but it was there as they had just prepared some papaya/banana shake (with nothing else, just ice).

Fish, in spanish called "mero basa", dunno in english. Cooked with ghee as wife thought coconut oil was over (I later showed her where the latest unopened jar was, for tomorrow). Lettuce, tons of it, with a bit of onion, a few olives, capers, olive oil, ACV, balsamic vinegar and salt.
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