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Re: Labral tear and recovery

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
How is your scapular mobility (elevation, protraction, retraction, depression)?

If the scapulae aren't moving that well that can definitely lead to some impingement especially with chronic inflammation.

Also, I would get your internal and external rotation movement checked.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and recommendations. Steve, I *think* mobility is OK. No PT/ortho has suggested otherwise, and my scapulae move quite a bit for the rehab exercise. Elevation might be the worst of them all, but that could be from traps weakened by nearly a year without significant overhead work. Any tips on how to check mobility or references that will help me understand "normal" mobility?

I saw the ortho last week, and he gave me a slightly different diagnosis than the first: a SLAP tear. I don't know how to check if he is right, but he reviewed the MRIs and did a slew of diagnostics, including comparing right shoulder (injured) to left (healthy). We could both see the differences in ROM, flexibility, and pain resulting from palpitation. He recommended surgery if I want it to get better. I will probably get around to the surgery in the fall as I want to be outside and active this summer, even if that means less/light OH work.

Of course, my knee has been hurting for a few weeks now after a 5RM PR squat. My injury rate is beginning to bother me, and I am now tweaking the diet by adding fish oil for omega3, and trying to consume more fats.

Thanks again everyone.
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