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Re: Labral tear and recovery

Originally Posted by Davis Hart View Post
Thanks, Jared. Going to see a ortho next week who works with a baseball team and likely sees these types of injuries often. Will certainly look into rolfing as well as trigger point, etc. once I get his opinion.
How is your scapular mobility (elevation, protraction, retraction, depression)?

If the scapulae aren't moving that well that can definitely lead to some impingement especially with chronic inflammation.

Also, I would get your internal and external rotation movement checked. If you have some deficiencies there it would indicate certain problems. For example, in throwing sports such as baseball pitches often have impaired mobility especially in internal rotation in their throwing arm. This limit of ROM can lead to tight muscles and imbalance and thus to pain and injury.

A good PT/ortho should be able to evaluate these things... so hopefully that one you know that does the baseball team will be able to help ya.
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