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Re: Labral tear and recovery

Scott - Thanks for your reply, it was incredibly helpful. I don't have training in the field which makes it hard to judge the quality of the PT. He has said that the stretches and exercises are chosen/designed to increase ROM (particularly internal rotation) and strengthen the muscles around the joint. So far, he seems to be pleased that swelling in the long head of the biceps tendon is decreasing. Otherwise, I keep doing the exercises (which he has been varying) and stretches.

The popping I feel is rarely associated with pain, either during or after. I suppose that the healing of the last few months combined with avoidance of a variety of shoulder movements I used to do may have created new pops and clicks. I have and will continue to proceed with caution.

Thanks for your comment about the posterior impingement, which gave me great pause. The possibility that the root cause of all of this is not necessarily the tear, but a fundamental biomechanical issue, both frustrates me because no one has mentioned it before and also gives me some hope that I can gain more clarity on how to go forward. I think the next step is to take the diagnosis to a different ortho who is willing to talk to me for more than 5 minutes about it. I will try to contact local sports professionals (crossfit affiliate, oly coaches, etc.) to get recommendations.

Thanks again, Scott.
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