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Re: Labral tear and recovery


The PT mention bothers me. Sorry about that. Clearly, this individual was not an orthopedic or sports board certified specialist or he/she would not have thrown this "shotgun" approach at you.

There is a lot here, and it will definitely take some expertise to work through it if you want to go the conservative route.

I will say up front that while I'm about as opposed to the surgical route as you can get, for your level of athletecism you may end up finding that the surgical route is ultimately the best way to go.

You have to first be most concerned with recovering a full ROM that is pain free.

Based on your MRI, you've likely had varying levels of inflammatory processes for quite some time. The clicking and popping is likely joint degeneration (osteo-arthritis, which we all have to some degree - it's just wear and tear over time) as a result of the injuries as your body tried to heal itself. The popping and clicking may be nothing but that. Is the popping and clicking pain free? If so, proceed with caution. If you have periods of joint "catching" followed by clicking and popping with pain (and even feelings of joint swelling) then it's probably a result of damaged soft tissue in the joint, and you should go talk it over again with your orthopedic surgeon.

I will say the chronic posterior impingement is a huge red flag for me. If you do have this, then you also have some type of underlying and fundamental biomechanical movement dysfunction that may be the ultimate culprit for all this. If this is the case, you will definitely need a good sports/ortho PT to prescribe exercises that address this movement dysfunction. If you do end up having surgery, the movement dysfunction may just end up chewing away at the repair.

Hope that helps,
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