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Labral tear and recovery

For years I have experienced shoulder pain on and off. The pain has always felt like extreme soreness of the front deltoid, more in the right than the left shoulder. I only felt it after certain shoulder workouts, such as the Crossfit press/push press/jerk triplet, but not consistently. For a long time, I just lived with it.

Last April, after tearing a callus doing a long pullup workout, I decided to try parallette HSPUs for the first time. I went deep for a number of reps, and felt fine the rest of the day. The next day, the pain was back a bit stronger than ever before. I laid of pushing exercises for months, continuing to do pull-ups, cleans, kettlebell swings, and deadlifts pain-free. By July, I was just starting to get back to HSPUs and dips.

At that time, after changing jobs and activating new health insurance, I decided it was time to have the condition checked out. The PT got me started on the standard prescription of mobility exercises, ultrasound, etc. He banned me from any shoulder exercise. In August, I had an MRI, and the diagnosis was:

1. Small tear of the anterior labrum
2. Bone marrow edema in the posterior humeral head in association with truncation of the posterior labrum (may be consistent with chronic posterior impingement)
3. Stripping of the anterior capsule
4. Small amount of bursitis

The ortho and I agreed that surgery would be premature (I donít want it anyway).

I have started to get back into shoulder work, primarily in terms of pushups. However, my shoulder now pops and clicks a lot more than ever before (especially pull-ups, of which I done maybe 20 since July). I have also found it much more sensitive and prone to pain. As I think Crossfitters can understand, this is very frustrating because I donít feel like Iíve made any progress in my recovery, and I fear that I will never get back to the level I was at. Moreover, the fact that I was doing HSPUs before I started seeing the PT only adds insult to injury (pardon the pun).
So I have a few questions for the community:

1. How aggressive should I be in ramping up exercises (specifically, slow and methodical ramping, or ramp as fast as the soreness/pain are not present)?
2. Other than stretching the shoulder capsule and rotator cuff exercises, any other things I should be doing?
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