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I'm sure that any adjustment towards a balance will cause a short term loss of ability. If one has trained a specific movement for a long time and adapted to it, changing it will cause problems short term. In some cases major problems. eg a gymnast will generally twist left or right. Ideally the gymnast should twist in the same direction of their round off. A right round off is a left twist. Every twisting skill in gymnastics can be based on that. It also determines what side they should dismount P-bars as well as other skills. Now if a 9 year old has trained twisting the "wrong" way, fixing it will really mess up their twisting for a while, but is in their best interest long term. If I ran into a 15-18 year old that's been twisting the "wrong" way for 6 years, I would leave it alone simply due to the time it would take to correct wouldn't be worth the gains in efficiency on certain skills. Ok, that was long....
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