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Re: A norwegian crossfitter is born!

Hello again. Been a while since I posted but thats just because theres been nothing to post. Been training for 28th of May now, not every day but trying to keep up. Been working alot so I havent got the time I need everyday but i try. Havent had time to train for a week now and was starting to feel too comfortable in my "comfort zone" and was lacking more and more motivation. But today I went to the gym and wanted to try the same test as i did the first day of training (28th). The test (results from the 28th first, the todays results):
-Push ups: 18 - 30 (+12)
-Squats: 102 - 60 (changed the method from using a oversized medizineball to using nothing and going all the way down, so the results is not comparable)
-Hang ups(No kipping):3 - 8 (+5)
-Dips: 4 - 8 (+4) (Did dips then hang ups on the first test but now i did hang ups then dips, don't know how much that means)
-Row 500m: 2:05 - 2:00 (Room for improvement)

All in all I'm very pleased with the results. I doubled up or more on hang ups, push ups, and dips, and improved the rowing. I think I improved on the squats aswell because this was alot tougher and i did over 50% of the original wich I think is an impropvement.
A good day and a good workout! It was a motivationboost! Good luck and good day to all of you!
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