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Re: A norwegian crossfitter is born!

Yesterday I did a improvised WoD with what i could find. Worked well and did two rounds since I didnt feel like I did my best. Improved my time from 8:15 to 7:00. This is with lighter weight and regular (but double reps) of jumps.

To day I did the WoD but was carefull since I havent got much lifting experience. Did the the clean with a 20kg(44lbs) bar. Could have done heavier but as I said, I was careful. Subbed the GHDs with regular sit ups. Was heavy enough. Felt I had a good workout and got pumped. My time was 19:00.
In the evening I played squash for an hour. Hardest session I had and it was great fun.

All in all, I still feel crossfit is fun and I'm looking forward to the next WoD every day. Great success
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