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A norwegian crossfitter is born!

Hello everyone. Im been reading about crossfitness for a couple of days now, and its been a long time since I've been so motivated.
Since I am so new to this training form and this message board you have to exuse me if this is not the right place for this thread, but I thought it looked like the right spot.
The primary reason for posting here is that I feel its very motivating to post here and get feedback from other crossfitters, and its also a good way for myself to keep track of my progress.

So, a little info about myself. Male, 24 years, student. Used to be an active guy, but moving around the last couple of years have gotten me to far into my comfort zone Used to play football (no, exuse me, soccer untill I was 19 years old, and since then its been downhill
I'm 180cm and ca 73 kg.

My plan is to use the first months to learn the techniques (especially lifting tech) and to test myself in a couple of workouts, so I have something to compare to. My primary goal is not to get injured
Yesterday I did a little test down in the local gym just to see where I am. The result wasn't something to brag about:

Push ups: 18
Squats: 102
Dips: 4
Hang ups: 3
Row 500m: 2:05 min

It was a terribel training session and I nearly puked after that rowing, but it felt good to at least have started. To day I just ran/walked up the mountain (somehing above 400m).
So now I just have to continue to work hard, but it feels so good to be so motivated. I'm looking forward to the workouts now and I cant wait to get to the gym to perform the WOD. Good feeling, GOOD feeling

So, this is me. Wish me luck!
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