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Re: Tim's WOD Log


I woke up looked at the WOD and was praying that the rings I ordered would come in before I headed out to the gym. I really wanted to complete this WOD as Rx'd. Next thing I knew... the doorbell rings and there is the courier with the package! I went to the gym strapped the rings onto the chinup bar on one of the squat racks and started practicing the dips. I can do almost 60 straight bar dips with perfect form, i barely did 6 (almost good form) dips on the rings! I really underestimated the strength that it takes to stabilize yourself on the rings. Needless to say I did the WOD with bar dips instead of ring dips. More practice is needed.


7 rounds for time of:
10 - 95# Sumo-deadlift high-pull
10 - Ring dips

Scaled to:
5 rounds:
10 - 95# SDHP
30 - Bar dips

Time = 11:08
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